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Common Questions and Answers can be found here: LifeNet Q&A
  • Call our friendly Sales and Service Number at 800.676.1100.
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    Sales and Service personnel do not have access to billing records.
Please call our billing team at 516.453.2500.
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Need help testing or using your LifeNet Medical Alert System?
Need Service for a LifeNet button, console or accessory?
Although unusual, sometimes a help button or console will need service. LifeNet will advance ship a replacement button, console or accessory without delay and without charge to you. Shipping is free and takes about 1-3 days for free delivery. Arranging a free service replacement is easy. Login to your account, print the prepaid return shipping label and mail it back to us. The button or console needing service must be returned immediately to prevent accidental reliance on a device that may not be working as intended.
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