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How Our Medical Alert System Works
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With our medical alert system, you'll talk directly to a certified EMT 24/7.
LifeNet medical alert services feature 24/7 EMT monitoring and service. Independent living made safer.


Systems like Lifenet are exceedingly easy to use, especially for elderly individuals who may have taken a fall or might not be able to use more advanced devices. These medical alert systems come with a single large button on the emergency console that when pressed any time of day or night, will alert LifeNet EMTs that assistance may be needed. If your medical alert service is monitored 24/7 like all of LifeNet medical alert systems  are, the subscriber, commonly a senior or elderly parent or grandparent, will have their situation assessed and emergency services contacted. Even if the person who pushed the button is unable to speak or be heard. In addition, previously approved friends, neighbors and relatives will be immediately contacted. Unlike other medical alarms for seniors, with LifeNet medical alert systems, there is never any charge to change, add or remove anyone to your contact list.

Three Great Options for Medical Alarm Utility

Personal alarms for the elderly like LifeNet are designed to be discrete yet readily available for easy use, even during emergencies or distress. With simple one-press activation, a single button press ensures they’ll never have to worry about medical emergencies or other situations where urgent help may be needed. There are three basic designs that are designed to meet the needs and preferences of the person who will be wearing the medical alarm itself. The user can wear the button as a pendant or in the style of a bracelet, or wrist watch.  The personal alarm system can also be worn as a belt clip if neither of these options is suitable. LifeNet help buttons are waterproof and are designed to function easily and reliably even if they get wet in the bath or shower. LifeNet encourages customers to wear their emergency help button 24/7 and during all normal activities including bathing, cooking and gardening.

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