4 Important Ways A Medical Alert System Can Help Your Loved Ones

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Many families put off thinking about a medical alert system not realizing the tremendous guilt-free relief they will experience by knowing that immediate assistance, including having important people alerted right away is as close as pushing a button.

Talk to those who wear a personal emergence response button (sometimes called a senior help button – remember the ‘I’ve fallen and can’t get up’ commercials?) and they will tell you that having a personal emergency alert system enhances their independence. Here are four key benefits.
1) Relief and peace of mind. This is one of the most cited benefits. The worry and anxiety about a potential fall, slip, trip or other common medical emergency for elders are greatly lessened; moreover, these systems are so discrete, have great range and do not interfere with mobility.
2) Help whenever it is needed.   Medical alert service companies provide an all night and all day service and are always within reach by pressing the pendant or wrist watch help button. Midnight on New Years eve or 9 am on July 4th – it doesn’t matter when – professional staff are always on duty just in case immediate assistance is needed even during holidays. It is great to know that they are there even at the most inconvenient hours in which accidents and health emergencies might occur.
3) Maintain independence. Many families feel obligated to welcome their aging parents into their homes because they are concerned about them. But the impracticality of always driving even the shortest distance makes it near impossible to simultaneously keep a watch out and still stay on top of children, career and other responsibilities. Most people prefer to stay on their own home, set their own schedule and pursue their own interests. A medical alert system with 24/7 monitoring allows the wearer to say to family – don’t worry, if I need you the center will call you. Everyone is greatly relieved.
4) Cost effective quality of life. Most reputable medical alert systems cost less than a dollar day. Compare that to the hourly rate for an aide, helper or companion. Moving into a senior living or assisted living facility is enormous and will destroy a lifetime of savings very quickly. Staying in your own home or apartment is generally far more desirable.
Medical alert systems (sometimes called senior alarm systems) are small, discrete and deliver an unusually high level of cost effectiveness and efficiency. Just knowing that there is such a system around can give everyone great peace of mind and great reduce the the tension and anxiety for everyone.