Medical Alert System – Do You Need One?

Sunday, November 6, 2011

A medical alert system (sometimes called a personal emergency response system) is an easy and fast way to get immediate assistance if you feel uncomfortable.

If there is conflict about where you should live, a medical alert system can be a good choice. If adult children are anxious about you and your lifestyle, a medical alert system can be a good choice. If there are times you feel that having the abiltity to immediately have a response to a call for aid – even if you aren’t sure there is an emergency, a medical alert system can be a good choice. Ultimately, we all know how important it is to quickly get help if an emergency were to occur. A fast response can be the difference that keeps an emergency incident from becoming a permanent injury or life endangering event.
In emergencies sometimes you just don’t have the ability to get to the phone and call for help, particularly if you are immobilized or cannot speak. We’ve all heard the terrifying stories of people immobilized on the floor – sometimes for days. With a medical alert system, if you can press the button, even if you cannot speak the response coordinator will follow procedure and make the notifications to family and emergency responders. Medical alert systems provide an excellent chance to get help fast and when it matters the most and hopefully, keep a minor injury from becoming a major crisis.