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Medical alert systems like the LifeNet alert system shown above, are all-inclusive, ensuring 24/7 monitoring by certified EMTs and customer service. In addition, subscribers receive free lifetime repair (if needed) on all equipment, including the help button, wrist band and console – everything is covered and protected by LifeNet for as long as you subscribe. The help button can be worn safely in the tub or shower, and will function as intended - even if submerged in the bath during normal bathing. In fact, LifeNet encourages all subscribers to wear their personal emergency help button at all times, as emergencies can occur unexpectedly even during the most routine situations and activities. Adding or removing names of family, friends or neighbors from the emergency notification list can be done at any time – for free as LifeNet never adds a charge for this important service. Combined with the low monthly fee paid for a valuable personal emergency response system like LifeNet, these features help you get even more for your money.

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Everything needed for an elderly individual's safety is included with the purchase of a monthly LifeNet personal emergency response system subscription. Benefits include a central communication console with a built in , rechargeable battery backup to provide up to 32 hours of service if your power fails, as well as three medical alarm pendants attachments. These attachments allow the subscriber to choose for themselves how to wear their alarm buttons as pendants around the neck, on the wrist like a bracelet or watch, or clipped on a belt.

The included medical alert console has up to 400 feet of range when communicating with the included help button; the help button is waterproof, and is expected to be worn around the house, in the garden or garage and even in the shower or bath. No installation is required, which saves subscribers from yet another significant and avoidable up-front and hidden cost. The medical alert service uses one g electrical outlet and telephone jack. Setting up the medical alert system is as easy as plugging in the power and the phone line – that’s all. Everything needed is included and clearly labeled for effortless and hassle free use. Each pendant and console, like all LifeNet medical alert service components are covered with a lifetime free replacement policy for as long as you subscribe.

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The System is Super Budget-Friendly

Medical alert systems from LifeNet are inherently affordable, with a cost of less than a dollar per day for access to this helpful and all-inclusive medical alarm service. Other bonuses include free priority 2-3 day shipping, and free expedited return shipping, each provided free at no cost. There are no deposits, no lock-you-in contracts, and no hidden charges, and LifeNet customers are entitled to a free "rate lock" that will protect against any potential future price increases. With credit card, PayPal, and ETF payment types accepted, it's also exceedingly easy to pay for the system itself. Many families find that LifeNet systems can reduce other senior care related expenses by providing around the clock peace of mind for their independent-minded elderly loved one. At less than a dollar a day, the price is budget friendly and will remain so for as long as you remain a subscriber.

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